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A list of frequently asked questions that may help along the way. If none of these questions are relevant to you, you can submit a question by contacting us on the right side of the page and we might just add it to our FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions




Can I make multiple purchases at one time from different stores?
Not Really. Picture it like many stores in one mall. Each seller is a different store. You must make separate purchases for each store.
Do I have options in paying?
Yes. All payments are through Paypal at this time, but through Paypal you can pay by bank withdrawal or credit card.
What if I have a problem with something I bought?
Please contact the seller directly. If the seller is unwilling to accommodate you, then please let us know.
Do I need a Paypal account to buy?
You don't need to have one previously, but Paypal will prompt you to create one on their website. You can use your Debit or Credit Card as a 'Paypal Guest'.

Is it easy to sell on StyleMyChild?
It’s very easy and only takes a few minutes. Register your store through "my account" and you'll be ready to sell in minutes.
How do I list an item?
First off, register on StyleMyChild. Then simply follow the few steps on our How to Sell page and you’ll be finished in minutes!
Can I ship anywhere?
It’s your choice! Ship anywhere you want!
Do I need a Paypal account to sell
Yes, you will require a Paypal account to sell a product. You can sign up for one by going to www.paypal.com.
Can I have multiple stores with the same Paypal account?
Yes. You are able to use your same Paypal account throughout multiple stores on the StyleMyChild website.

Can you buy and sell without 'giving'?
Nope. The main purpose of StyleMyChild.com is to raise capital to give to charities to help children around the world.
How do I know where the money is going?
We partner with legitimate charities and can provide any information regarding contributions. We will also update our 'giving' page with information as the funds are sent out.
Can we donate directly to the cause?
StyleMyChild is not a charitable organization, so no tax receipt is available. We will collect the funds on behalf of you and ALL of that donation will go to the charity.